What fees do I have to pay as a buyer?

Learn more about our 3% Buyer Commission.

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Our service fee is transparent and straightforward, and we don't charge any additional or hidden fees.

Service Fee.

As a buyer on Wedio, you will see the final pricing directly on the listing. The purchase price already includes a 3% service fee (minimum £20), which covers a range of services, including Wedio Buyer Protection, Secure Escrow Payment, and the costs of running the platform and our customer service.

Shipping costs.

Shipping costs may apply, depending on the listing. Some sellers offer free shipping, while others require the buyer to cover the shipping costs. This information will be clearly stated on the listing.

Optional: Third-Party Check

In addition to the purchase price and service fee, you may choose to purchase Third-Party Check. This service provides an additional level of assurance that the gear you're purchasing is in the condition described by the seller. Read more.

If UK / EU cross-border purchases: Custom duty charges

Please note that if you purchase cross-border between the UK and EU, there may be additional customs duty charges. You can learn more about these charges by reading our guide.

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