How does Secure Escrow Payment work?

Learn more about our Escrow Payment System.

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Secure Escrow Payment is a secure and reliable way to transfer funds between the buyer and seller in a transaction. When a buyer purchases an item, the payment is held by Wedio in an escrow account until the buyer receives and inspects the item. The funds are then released to the seller, providing a safe and secure transaction for both parties. 

This way, the buyer is protected in case the item is not as described or never arrives, while the seller is ensured of receiving payment once the buyer confirms that the item is as described and in good condition.

This process provides a secure way for both parties to complete the transaction without worrying about fraud or scams. If a buyer is not satisfied with the gear or if there is a dispute between the buyer and seller, we can step in to mediate and resolve the issue fairly. 

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