Can I pick up the gear locally and how does “Local Pickup” work?

Guide for Buyers and Sellers when “Local Pickup”.

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Yes, some sellers may offer local pickup as an option.

When purchasing an item, you can check if the seller offers local pickup. If they do, you can choose this option during checkout. Once the seller confirms the pickup location and time, you can go to the agreed-upon location and collect the gear directly from the seller.

Please note that local pickup is only available for some items and locations, and it's up to the seller's discretion to offer it as an option.

How it works / Guide for Buyers and Sellers when “Local Pickup”

Here is a guide for buyers and sellers on how to successfully complete a local pickup transaction:

  • Make the online payment & arrange a meeting time and location:

Once the payment has been accepted, buyers and sellers should agree on a time and place to meet for the local pickup. We advise you not to meet with the other party before the payment has been made via Wedio due to safety reasons.

  • Choose a safe location:

To ensure everyone's safety, it's best to meet in a public place. For expensive items, it's recommended to meet at a local police station, as they often have designated areas for such transactions. Buyers and sellers should bring their ID and electronic devices to the meeting and check each other's IDs to ensure their names match those on the site.

  • Inspect the gear:

When meeting in person, buyers should inspect the gear thoroughly to ensure it's in good condition and works as expected. They should check that all buttons and systems are working for electronic equipment, the glass is clean and the lens is dust-free for lenses and other optical equipment, and all necessary pieces are included for grip equipment.

  • Mark gear as “picked up”:

If satisfied with the equipment, the buyer should complete the buying process. The seller will click “Gear is handed over” and after that, the buyer will click “Gear is picked up” from the purchase conversation page. Once the buyer clicks “Gear is picked up”, the 48-hour return policy starts.

NB: If the buyer does not click “Gear is picked up” a maximum of 5 minutes after the actual pickup, this will result in losing all protections and support offered by Wedio Buyer Protection including our 48-hour return policy with the purchase.

For sellers:

Sellers should not hand over the equipment until payment is confirmed. Once the payment is confirmed, the seller will see a message showing 'Payment Confirmed', and they can proceed with handing over the gear and mark the order as: “Gear is handed over”.

Remember, do not use cash or alternative payment methods to complete a transaction outside of Wedio. Using other payment methods will result in losing all protections and support offered by Wedio Buyer Protection, and also a violation of our Terms of Use, which may lead to a ban on your account.

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