Am I insured against shipping damage or theft?

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Daniel Sand

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Yes. Buyers are insured against shipping damage or theft for every purchase, as they pay for premium insurance when making their purchase. In the unfortunate event that an issue arises during shipping, our top priority is to thoroughly investigate the situation to determine the cause and extent of the damage or loss. 

Our team works closely with the shipping provider to facilitate a seamless claims process. We ensure that all necessary documentation and evidence are promptly collected and provided for the claim. This may include photographs, shipping receipts, packaging details, and any other relevant information. By collaborating with the shipping provider, we aim to expedite the resolution process and provide our customers with a satisfactory outcome.

We strive to deliver a comprehensive insurance service that protects buyers against unforeseen incidents during transit. Rest assured, our commitment is to address shipping issues promptly, investigate claims diligently, and work towards a resolution that meets the buyer's satisfaction.

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