How do I create a good listing?

Learn how to create good listings of your equipment.

Monika Barauskaite

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In this post, I will try to give you an overview of what tools to use, when creating your listings.

Remember, there is not just one way of creating a good listing. Actually a good listing can have many different designs.

In generel: The more detailed and personalized listings - the more interaction with potential renters.

And now, to the more specific advices.

  1. Set the right rental price
    If you are new as a lender, the easiest way to make your listings attractive to potential renters, is to set a really good rental price (often by offering a good discount). You can read more on how to set the rental price here.
  2. Make a detailed description

    - Describe in detail the gear included in the listing

    - Describe in detail the specifications of the gear in the listing

    - Describe what purposes and types of shoots the equipment is suitable for

    - Try to use words you think renter will look for, when looking for equipment. In this way, you optimize your listing according to Wedio's and Google's search engine

  3. Use relevant photos
    - Add a minimum of 2 photos of the gear (preferably, use your personal pictures or stock photos as a minimum)
    - In addition, you can add photos where the gear is used on shoots
  4. Add videos
    - Add product review videos of the gear
    - Add videos where the gear has been used

    If you think it is relevant, you can also add a YouTube clip directly to the listing (by inserting a link directly into the profile text).
  5. Create complete package listings
    - Create separate listings where you offer complete packages of gear

Renters often prefer complete package listing that are "ready-to-go".

If you need additional help, you can sign up for our Lead-in Program for lenders.

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