Whether you are a freelancer, a production company, a rental house or just have access to equipment, there are always good reasons to get started as a renter at Wedio.

Below we have listed six good reasons for you to get started:

  1. Make more money
    Wedio provides you the opportunity to earn money on your photo- and film equipment when you are not using it yourself.  

  2. Rent out with peace in mind
    At Wedio we work for you to feel safe! We know that feeling safe is the alpha omega for both lender and renter. Therefore, we have implemented a number of different features that allows you to feel safe, when renting and renting out your equipment at Wedio:

    - Instant insurance of the equipment
    - ID verification of all users
    - Internal rating system, meaning that all users gets rated after the rental
    - Transparent terms and conditions

  3. Help likeminded and expand your network of creatives
    You properly know how difficult it can be to get started with professional visual productions. Give yourself a clear conscience and help other photographers and filmmakers to make their dreams come true. Maybe you will meet new and exciting producers on your way and maybe they can help you with some of your problems later? That's good karma!

  4. Reach more costumers - for free!
    We promote your listing with the use of SEO, SEM and Social - for free!
    That way you can reach new potential costumers.

  5. Rent out on your conditions
    At Wedio you always have the full ownership on your on listings. Meaning that you decide the price, how often you want to rent out your gear and you can always decline a rental request if you do not feel like renting out your gear.

  6. We prepare your profile and listings - for free!
    When using our Lead-in program for lenders, you can quickly get started as a lender on Wedio. Right now, we offer to create and prepare your entire profile so you don't have to spend unnecessary time getting started.

If you would like to get started right now, you can create your first listing here. Alternatively, you can read more about using Wedio here.

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