What is Wedio and how does it work?

New to Wedio? Here's a short overview of what Wedio is and how does it work.

Monika Barauskaite

Last Update 2 năm trước

Wedio is Europe's fastest-growing equipment rental community for filmmakers and photographers, similar to Airbnb for professional film gear. We provide you, as a creator, the ability to rent your chosen gear as well as financial freedom, allowing you to focus on your craft.

Our mission is to keep great stories alive. We accomplish this through facilitating the exchange of knowledge, equipment, and services that will assist you as a creator in creating great stories. Because we think that visual material will play an important part in the future of communication, our services are designed to encourage visual creativity.

Would you like to hire equipment for an upcoming project? Wedio can help you find exactly what you're looking for in your area. You may rent the requested equipment with Wedio Global Coverage included.

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Do you have equipment that you don't use all the time and would like to share with your peers? Rent it out and earn some extra money! Wedio Global Coverage protects every rental, and we check every member who joins the site, so you can rent out your gear with confidence.

How much can I earn? Learn here.

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