We want to maintain and be able to provide the equipment for all our members no matter where they are located!

With so many creators all around the world, it's difficult to have all the equipment to meet everyone's demands in every place. However, depending on our members' desires, we intend to expand to many more areas in the near future!

If you are unable to find the desired equipment in your region, we can gladly assist you in finding it! If you sign up on Wedio and send us your desired equipment request, we will do all in our ability to find it! Every sign-up and request helps us determine which locations we should focus our efforts on expanding to next!

All we need to know before we get going are the following:

  1. What gear are you looking for?

  2. Where do you wish to rent?

  3. In what time frame do you wish to rent?

  4. What's your name/company’s name?

  5. What's your phone number?

Please contact us regarding the equipment requests here.

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