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These are the criterias we look for in our members

Monika Barauskaite

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Wedio is a professional camera equipment-sharing community, so we are delighted to have ambitious creators on our platform!

We see an ambitious creator as one who is always doing their best no matter the size of their project, have recurring projects, and want to improve on their craft no matter if they are just getting started, and they care for their peers.

Other criteria we look for in our members:

Professional experience: We encourage members to showcase their professional experience. Fill out your biography, and include links to your website, your IMDB profile, and your work on YouTube or Vimeo. It’s always great to have someone on board who is working on exciting projects and knows about their gear.

Social Media presence: Linking your social media profiles, such as Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, represents your social and professional background and helps us to know more about you. Filling out your profile also helps other members feel more comfortable renting to or from you.

Identity verification: We use an automated ID verification system to protect our community and prevent fraud. You'll need to go through this process in order to rent or rent out the desired equipment. For the security measures, every member has to be verified on Wedio.

Responsibility: Whether you are hiring or renting out your equipment, you must be responsible and fair to your peers. If you rent out your equipment, it is your obligation to ensure that all functions of the equipment are working and that the equipment is ready when the renter comes. If you are hiring the equipment, you are responsible for taking care of it and returning it on time.

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