How does Wedio protect me as a seller?

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Wedio protects sellers in several ways:

Secure Escrow payment: Wedio's secure escrow payment ensures that the seller's payment is verified before they ship or hand over the product. This helps prevent fraudulent payments and ensures that the seller gets paid. 

Rent before you buy: Sellers can offer their gear for sale, rental or both. This feature gives potential buyers the opportunity to try out the gear before they purchase it, with all the protections that Wedio offers.

Industry Professionals: Wedio attracts more than 100,000 monthly creators to its community from all over the world. All buyers must be registered on Wedio before making a purchase, providing an extra layer of security and credibility.

Personal Support: Wedio's member success team is always available to provide responsive and efficient help with listing creation, sales, returns, and refunds.

Seller Control: You as a seller are in complete control of your listings, from setting your price to accepting offers from potential buyers. Wedio provides guidance to increase the chances of a successful sale.

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