Do I have to be verified to use Wedio?

Learn about the verification process on Wedio

Monika Barauskaite

Last Update il y a 2 ans

Our key responsibility is to ensure that the platform is safe for all of our members. As a result, we must verify all members who want to rent or rent out their gear through Wedio. Everyone wants to know that their equipment is in safe hands, right?

We pay extra attention to the security of our members. And due to your and your peer’s safety, we kindly ask our members to go through the verification process once you have created a profile.

Completing the verification form will only take you a couple of minutes and then our verification automation will take a look at it and inform you about the process. It can take up to 24 hours for our system to verify you, but most of the time it is way faster. The more information you share with us, the faster it will go.

If you have any questions regarding our verification process, contact our Member Success Manager.

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