Am I covered if the renter does not return my gear?

Yes! Read more about Lender Guarantee here.

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The Wedio Lender Guarantee is a way to give piece of mind to owners renting their equipment through Wedio.

The Wedio Lender Guarantee cover listings up to a replacement value of £25,000 in the UK and €30,000 in the EU. The Wedio Lender Guarantee protects owners from lenders with false intentions, e.g. not returning the equipment at the end of the rental period.

Wedio will then replace the equipment or reimburse you for the replacement value less a deductible of 15% but a minimum of £570.


  • The Wedio Lender Guarantee policy provides coverage up to £25,000 in some cases, so if you simultaneously rent out a listing of £10,000 and a listing of £20,000 (for a total collective replacement value of £30,000), the Wedio Lender Guarantee will protect you up to £25,000.
  • You rent out a Listing with a Replacement Value above £25,000; you are covered up to £25,000.

Why a Lender Guarantee?

We, at Wedio, work hard to ensure that Wedio is the safest place to rent your equipment to other filmmakers and photographers. We always strive to use cutting-edge technology and are devoting many hours and energy to the security of our platform.

There are some circumstances in which the Lender Guarantee does not apply:

  • A listing with a replacement value in excess of £25,000 (The replacement value is displayed in the listing view).
  • Wedio is not responsible for unreturned Listing rentals that the Lender does not notify us of within 48 hours of the rental's conclusion via email, message, or phone.
  • The Renter must claim any damage or wear and tear to the Listing item.
  • Loss of use or ongoing rental fees for the period between the time a Lender receives reimbursement or replacement for their unreturned Listing items.
  • Any damage to the Listing items should be claimed by the Renter.
  • The Renter is responsible for reimbursement for items missing from the listing.
  • Any Listing rental where the Listing items are not personally picked up by the Renter from the Lender. Rentals sent via postal mail, private carriers, couriers, lost in transit, seized, or picked up by someone, not the Renter listed on the rental (you must check the Renter's ID at pickup).
  • Listings that include physical locations, vehicles, grip & electric trucks, props, watercraft, aircraft, one-of-a-kind items, and irreplaceable items.

See all circumstances in our terms and conditions. 

It is solely up to Wedio's discretion to determine whether any Member is eligible to receive coverage or not.

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