Wedio Global Insurance is your protection when renting and lending film & photo equipment through Wedio. This means that you won’t risk being in a financial bind if an accident should occur.

With Wedio Global Insurance we are introducing the world's first Global On-Demand insurance of film & photo equipment, covering up to €40,000 (DKK 300,000) per rental. 

The insurance is free and is automatically included in each rental.


The insurance covers the entire globe except for the following countries:

Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Colombia, Congo, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Georgia, Guinea, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Mauritania, Myanmar, Niger, Nigeria, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, Zimbabwe.


• Voluntary Parting — read more about our Lender Guarantee here.

• Fire
• External electrical damage
• Storm and rainfall
• Removal of water
• Sudden damage from external sources
• Burglary and robbery assault


Renter is responsible for covering the first 10 % of any damages however at least the amount of €267 (DKK 2,000). Excess cost for a single damage can not exceed €667 (DKK 5,000).


Theft is solely covered from locked vehicle with solid metal sides and roof.

It is required that cameras and other equipment are removed from vehicles and placed in locked buildings at the end of a working day.


It is a condition for the insurance coverage that the equipment is rented out to an identified renter in accordance with the rental agreement.

Loss and failure to return the equipment after the rental are also covered by the insurance — the insurance does cover voluntary parting. Read more about our Lender Guarantee here.

Insurance coverage is void if the renter rents out or lends the rented equipment to other people.

Use of insured equipment in or on helicopters, drones, gyroplanes and alike are not covered by the insurance.

The insurance does not include drones, helicopters, boats, cars and buildings/studios.


Transportation (ship, car, train or plane) of the insured items is covered.

Insurance also covers the transportation of equipment in the insurance holder’s own car.


It is a condition of the insurance coverage that, when informing an accident, one should document that the damage occurred in the rental period.

Statement of the accident is filled out and submitted, with documentation (purchase receipt) for the damaged equipment attached.

Wedio Global Insurance is delivered in cooperation with AON and First.

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