In collaboration with Contractbook, we have made it easy for you (as both lender and renter) to sign the digital rental agreement. When using the digital rental agreement your gear is safely insured throughout the rental period.

This is how it works:

Before the hand out 

  1. You (lender) need to prepare the digital rental agreement

You need to fill in 2 fields in the order request

  • List of additional gear

    You are encouraged to apply all subunits, that are rented out. In this way, you limit the possibility for misunderstandings to occur, since it will be clearly stated what has been rented out. If the field is left blank, the insurance will only cover what has been applied in the listing of the gear.

  • Condition of the gear at hand out

    Please apply everything that is worth mentioning relating the condition of the gear at hand out. If no remarks are needed, just leave the field blank. 

Why do I need to wait with signing the rental agreement, until the physical hand over takes place?
When the two above mentioned fields have been filled, they can no longer be changed. Therefore, it is important that you (lender) do not sign the rental agreement before you (lender) and the renter have both reviewed the rental agreement upon the hand out.

During the hand out

2. You (lender) needs to sign the digital rental agreement

The link to the digital rental agreement will be available in the order request or in the email sent to you. 

3. Renter receives the digital rental agreement on e-mail and SMS.

4. Renter is now able to open and sign the digital rental agreement. 

5. You (both lender and renter) are now insured through Wedio's insurance.

Read more about our insurance here

If you have any questions or problems with the digital rental agreement please contact me directly at:

Daniel McCoy Andrade
+44 20 3695 1343 or

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